Diagnostic Tools for Conflict Peacekeeping

Diagnostic Tools for Conflict Peacekeeping (Data Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, Psychology)


Peter Ochs

Donald Brown

Larry Bouchard

Jonathan Teubner


The Diagnostic Tools project focuses on language-based predictive studies: fostering several intensive analyses into how to identify and evaluate intra-state tensions among competing religious and/or ethnic groups and how, on the basis those analyses, to diagnose emergent inter-group conflict. This project draws on the fields of linguistics, logic and semiotics, discourse analysis, data science, statistics, and religion. The longer-range goals of this project are to identify and evaluate best practices for responding to such tensions and conflicts and, on request, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of other researchers’ models for meeting the social and political challenges of diversity in democratic states. Diagnostic Tools for Conflict Peacekeeping  builds on the efforts of a current team of UVA faculty and graduate student researchers, who are developing advanced diagnostic tools to identify and analyze near future behavior of modest sized religious, ethnic, and value-centered groups in conflict regions of the world.