Ethnic and Religious Tensions in the Caucasus Region


Robert Geraci (History)
Alexander Knysh (University of Michigan)


Ahmed al-Rahim (Religious Studies)
Peter Ochs (Religious Studies)
Jonathan Teubner (Religious Studies)


This working group investigates the relation between ethno-religious identity and history, politics and potential conflict in the Transcaucasus region. This region provides a rich and variegated field of study, through which the working group will aim to address various interpretations and uses of Islam by different local ethnic groups (as well as their diasporas in Russia proper). The working group will look at two conflicts in particular: (1) the relationship between Salafi and Sufi Muslim communities, a confrontation that is ubiquitous throughout the Muslim work and in Muslim diasporas the world over; and (2) the historical (and continuing) conflict between Armenians (Orthodox Christians) and Azeris (Shiite Muslims).

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