Global Fiction and Religious Violence


Victor Luftig (English)


Stephen Arata (English)
Mrinalini Chakravorty (English)
Bradley Pasanek (English)
Maya Boutaghou (French)
Jesse Bordwin (English)
Andrew Fergsuon (English)
Annie Galvin (English)
Jordan Burke (English)
Jessica Swoboda (English)
Anne-Marie Thompson (English)
Sam Walker (English)


The group is focused on questions about religion in contemporary fiction, particularly on research questions about how to recognize and respond to both trans-national and culturally-specific nuances and themes associated with religion in such fiction.  Our central inquiry is: “Is scholarship on contemporary global fiction sufficiently responsive to such nuances and themes? Can it be? If so, how could it be?” We will read Herrera’s Signs Preceding the End of the World together. We have also commissioned a bibliography of scholarship on the intersection between literature and religious violence, and we will review that bibliography along with recent issues of journals that discuss literature and religion.