Internship Program

The RPC Internship Program engages UVA undergraduate students in RPC Faculty Research Projects and Working Groups.

Research Project: Value Predicate Analysis (Spring 2016-)

In the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2016, UVA undergraduates participated in the Value Predicate Analysis project by manually marking up texts according to the method pioneered by the “Hearth to Hearth” research team, led by Prof. Peter Ochs and Graduate Research Associates Zain Moulvi and Nauman Faizi. Students were trained, mentored and received a modest stipend. The following students participated in the RPC internship program…(read more)

Research Project (Spring 2017-), Political Discourse Analysis

Led by Associate Director Jonathan Teubner, students received training and mentoring about American political discourse analysis as well as a modest stipend. Students used detailed analysis of written texts to score speeches given by President Trump, pre- and post-election. A website of the analysis will be launching soon. To see a complete list of students who have participated…(read more)

Working Group (Summer 2017-): Political Islam

Led and mentored by Professor Ahmed Al-Rahim students analyze and contextualize presidential discourse on Islam, expanding to government discourse on Islam. This work was done in collaboration with the Political Islam Lecture Series…(read more)

Lecture Series (Fall 2017-), Identity, Politics, and Violence

In the Fall of 2017, RPC hosted a lecture series on “Identity, Politics, and Violence” which included luncheon seminars, open classes, and college lectures. Interns helped organize and run these events with RPC staff. Speakers included both practitioners and academics. A full list of lectures may be found here…(read more)