Religion and Business


Jonathan Teubner (Religious Studies)
Brian Moriarity (Darden)
Geoffrey Schmelkin (Darden)


Our aim is to identify relevant business and economic factors in religion-related violence. Within the next 12 months, we plan to conduct a literature review of topics featuring religion in business, prepare a “map” of the relevant intersections between business and religion, and select a topic/topics to further explore with subject matter experts.

Research Questions:
1. Where does religion show up in the academic study of business?
2. What are the (if any) proxies of religion in the study of religion?

Religion shows up in certain subfields of business studies regularly (e.g., business ethics, work place conflict issues, workplace diversity) and in other subfields only occasionally (e.g., marketing). We hypothesize, however, that religion is a “hidden force” in many areas of the academic study of business, and a comprehensive review of the place of religion (and its cognates) in the study of business will yield both previously overlooked indicators of religion in the study of business and a “map” of the nascent field of religion and business.

The two deliverables of this first year will be a map of the field of religion and business and a supporting literature review. Both shall be achieved through a combination of a bibliographical research for religion (and its cognates) in business journals, trade publications and books, and consultations with scholars of business at UVA and around the US. We shall, in particular, look at the subfields of bargaining and negotiation, finance, and history of business.

We shall convene one meeting with UVA scholars of business by end of Fall 2017 semester. In Spring 2018 semester, we plan to convene two working meetings. The bulk of the bibliographical research will be done by Business and Society Interns.

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